Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010 n Good Bye 2009..............

Well, this entry was a compulsory to all blogger..., they will talk what they achieve in 2009 and what they wanted to do in 2010.....Congratulation to all my dearest friends (blogger, FB and so on) for aim that they achieved in 2009. Good luck in 2010............

As for me, in 2010 a lot a things will happen, from miss to mrs, for degree to master, an so on......Actually, I still don't what post that I will hold in 2010. The teacher meeting is on 2 Jan 2010...huhuhuhu, so a big question mark in my head, coz I really or wanted to knew badly the post that I going to hold.....hahhahahahha( nanti dpt taw lain plak citer.. x kisah la terima sebagai cabaran dlm kehidupan).

The main aim that I wanted to achieve in 2010, I want to live happily, take all risk with smile and never ever give up in life..!!!!!, erm, I not a person who easily to play with, coz I am a person who takes serious a things ( small things to a big things ) in my life... basically, a normal people love to ignore a small things coz thats not so important in life... as for me who's love a perfectness (I hate to do things severally coz it just a waste a time), so I have take things serious....( I knew sometimes I'am damn so serious..hahhahhhaha).

For this year, I learn so many things in life .. hopefully next year I could learn more new things especially new knowledge.... and apply it in my life.. (can't wait for that).....btw.. I really going to miss adek..., really wanted to cry coz I can't meet adek as usual.......but I wish that adek got a very good result for STPM.....(don't me when got the results k). To all my friends, have a good year for 2010, have a many friends n dont forget to smile always...with smile we can relax our mind n low the stress calculator .....hahahahahah

Enjoy the video......


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  1. haha..
    sure i'll tell if my result is ok..
    haha, result teruk..huhu..
    hmm, dont woory kak..pape, kite keep in touch laaa...