Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Holiday at Krabi Island or just stay at home.....erm, hard to make a decision...well, to tell the truth i suppose to go to the Krabi Island on 23 n 24th of mei, that stupid H1N1 virus......you know what i'm going to say.......

My mom n my sis decide want to go there, they said "klu nk kena mmg akan kena", i wish i can go there, argh.... i hate to make decision, klu g kang, x pasal2 1 sekolah kena band, coz i'm the one who brought the H1N1 back to Mesia, its not fair..........wa..wa...wa..wa..wa..

Br je nk uat kije giler tp x leh, that stupid virus, hate it, never mind i will go there someday, Krabi wait for me, hehehehehhehe.... i will do crazy stuff, just wait n see

p/s: this the pic from my sis camera, not fair

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